بِسَبَب \ at: (showing cause): I was pleased at the news. because of: as a result of: Because of his illness, he could not travel. due to: owing to; caused by; because of: His illness was due to eating poisonous fruit. for: because of: He jumped for joy. She was sent to prison for stealing. in view of: because of: In view of your age, you may travel free. of: (after a verb) showing a cause: He died of hunger, on account of, because of: He was absent on account of illness. over: about; concerning: They quarrelled over the result of the race. You need not hurry over your dinner. owing to: because of: Owing to illness, she was unable to travel. thanks to: because of: Thanks to you, his life was saved (as a result of your help). through: by means of; as a result of: I heard the news through a friend. He lost his way through having no map.

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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